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The Best Business Hosting Solution For Your Website

You are welcome to our business hosting page! Business hosting is one of the most exciting and innovative steps you will ever take to improve the quality of your business or brand online. As the best web hosting company in Bangladesh, our business hosting plans are packaged to enable you to enjoy the very best services required to take your business or brand to the very top!

What Business Hosting means both to you and to the best web hosting company in Bangladesh

Business Hosting, in simple terms is combination of Shared Hosting and VPS hosting. It gives you the ease of usage offered by Shared hosting and the power of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Although Shared Hosting is relatively cheap compared to VPS hosting, it lacks enough power to cater to all but the most basic of websites. And although VPS hosting provides you with more power than you know what to do with, it lack a certain ease of usage except you have some experience being a server administrator.

business hosting at barkhosting

Business Hosting In Bangladesh

We offer Business and corporate web hosting in Bangladesh. So whether you are a business owner in Bangladesh, then you'll need a web host for your company. Bark Hosting meets your needs.

Best For Small Business
699 / month
  • NVMe SSD Disk 10 GB
  • FREE Domain Yes
  • FREE SSL Certificate Yes
  • Extra Security Layer Yes
  • Backup Retention Yes
  • Email / DB / FTP Unlimited
  • Monthly Traffic Unlimited
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Best For Large Business
2499 / month
  • NVMe SSD Disk 50 GB
  • FREE Domain Yes
  • FREE SSL Certificate Yes
  • Extra Security Layer Yes
  • Backup Retention Yes
  • Email / DB / FTP Unlimited
  • Monthly traffic Unlimited
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Dedicated Server

Do you Need Enterprise Business Plan?

Let your business skyrocket, not your budget. By offering you all the necessary resources at a lower cost, you only pay for what you actually need.If you have any query please feel free to contact us. we will be happy to assist you with!

Plan Comparison:

Business Class

These plans are perfect for you. Each one is specifically tailored to meet your needs, whether you are a newly growing company or an established powerhouse. Enjoy our web hosting services today!

Package Name
Use Case
Small Business
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Ecommerce, News Portal
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Large Business
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Disk Space 10 GB 25 GB 50 GB
NVMe SSD Drive
FREE Domain Name (!) 1 Free Domain 1 Free Domain 1 Free Domain
FREE SSL Certificate
cPanel Pro / Plesk – Genuine (!!!)
Addon Domains 1 2 3
Park Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic / Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Backup Retention
Retention Cycle Daily, Weekly & Monthly Daily, Weekly & Monthly Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Backup - Daily (Last) 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days
Backup - Weekly (Last) 4 Weeks 4 Weeks 4 Weeks
Backup - Monthly (Last) 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Backup Retention - Additional On Demand On Demand On Demand
DDoS Protection
Owned DNS Servers
Local Support
Physical Support
Easy Transfer Out
Self-Transfer Out
A Very Few Neighbours
Fit To High Performence Use Case
Especially Designed Server For Business
Dedicated IP On Demand (৳199/M) On Demand (৳199/M) On Demand (৳199/M)
Mail Channel
Malware Scanning
One-Click Malware Cleanup
Detection of Security Threats
Domain Reputation Management
Proactively Monitors Domain Reputation
Standard Firewall by Imunify360
Advanced Firewall w/ Cloud Heuristics
Next-Gen IDS / IPS
Proactive Defense
Kernel Patching w/o Downtime
Hardened PHP
Security (IM360) Notifications and Alarms
Bans Attackers Before Harm
Protects Against DBFA (!)
Protects Against Malware Attacks
Protects Against Defacement Attacks
Securing Kernel & Older PHP Versions
Ultimate Intrusion Detection
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Default Address
Auto Responders
Forwarders / Aliases
POP3 Access
IMAP Access
Calendars & Contacts
Email DiskUsage
Box Trapper
Grey Listing
Anti-Spam Protection
Virus Protection
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Master Admin Account
User Account
Login Message
Manage Sessions
MySQL Database Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Pro – Genuine (!!!)
1 Click Installer (413+ Scripts)
Cloudflare CDN (!)
Hotlink Protection
Index Manager
IP Blocker
Password Protected Directories
Leech Protection
Disk Usage Viewer
File Manager
Two-Factor Authentication
Account Preferences
Change Style (Theme)
Multiple PHP Versions
MultiPHP INI Editor (Per Domain)
Perl / TCL / SSI / ROR / CGI
GD Library
Multi Byte String
IonCube / Zend Optimizer / xCache
SSH Access On Demand On Demand On Demand
Mime Types
DNS Zone Editor
Cron Jobs
Track DNS
Virus Scanner
AwStats Stats
Latest Visitors Stats
Bandwidth Analysis
Error Log
Raw Access
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Is Business Hosting Right For Your?

Business Hosting is the future of web hosting for businesses and you should seriously consider joining the best hosting company in Bangladesh now if you wish to have an advantage over your competitors. Telling you that a reliable business website is vital to the success of your business is like preaching to the choir: you already know this! What you might not know is that our Datacenter , located in 13 locations worldwide, the Enterprise Grade Hardware we use to build our servers and the supplementary software included in ALL our Hosting plans are all for your benefit! Our claim as the best web hosting company in Bangladesh is no idle boast.

Despite the superior quality of service offered here at Bark Hosting, our plans are cheap and very affordable. Our servers are not crowded, not because we lack clients, but because of our efficient management and superior technology. Hence, work faster, manage better and grow your business or brand with us today!

How Can Business Hosting Benefit Your Business

Business hosting is vital to the success of your business whether you run an online or physical storefront. A great way to illustrate the importance of Business hosting compared to Basic Shared hosting is using the illustration of an automobile. Although many garages can look over your automobile and service it, to get the best service, a professional is often the best solution. So it is with Business Hosting and Shared Hosting. Some of the benefits Bark Hosting Business hosting offers as the best web hosting company in Bangladesh include:

  • Tikmark Icon Additional built-in e-commerce features
  • Tikmark Icon 24/7 customer support
  • Tikmark Icon Total control of your data
  • Tikmark Icon Provides updates on software and hardware
  • Tikmark Icon Included private SSL certificate
  • Tikmark Icon High reliability and uptime
  • Tikmark Icon 1 Click installer (413+ scripts)
  • Tikmark IconSave your time and money
best business hosting provider in Bangladesh
SSD Cloud Server

Faster Business Hosting Service

Packages starting from TK750/M

100% NVMe SSD

What's Included with Business Hosting?

Business Hosting offers you the following features that ensure that you enjoy the very best experience worthy of the best web hosting company in Bangladesh.


We monitor any irregularities and issues to ensure that nothing affects your website. With our services your business can run all day.

Assured Performance

Our web hosting services offer you peace of mind. We deliver high quality, assured performance that keeps your business or website running 24/7.

Protection & Backup

Our security team protects your data and guards you from security-related threats. With our web hosting plans, you do not need to worry about losing your data.

Technical Support

Our support system offers 24/7 technical support. Bark hosting support team is trained to help you resolve whatever problems you encounter.

Easy CP Management

Bark Hosting offers easy control panel (CP) management for users. Our CP is made to be utilized by all users; casual and power users alike.

Chat/Email Support

Bark Hosting offers 24/7 support to our clients. This support comes in different avenues; even live chat and email! We encouraged to contact us for help.

Faster Than Web Hosting

Business Hosting plans offer you the opportunity of running your websites at optimal speeds. Websites run on SSDs so speed and responsiveness is guaranteed along with more resources. Your pages run faster, hence converting more visitors into customers.


cPanel Pro Account Management

barkhosting web development solution

Business Hosting features free cPanel management. With the cPanel®, you can perform various tasks. It provides a graphical web based interface to perform various web site maintenance tasks, from creating e-mail accounts to setting up hosted websites to installing content management systems like WordPress and so managing your backups, databases. It is made to simplify the task of running your website.

  • File Manager
  • phpMyAdmin
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • E-Mail Account Management
  • PHP Version Manager
  • DNS Zone Editor
  • WordPress Installer
  • Backup & Restore Tool
Web Development Service

413+ One-Click Apps

Business hosting plans offers you the ability to install, create, port and run applications and game servers with a single click. Bark Hosting technology allows you to mount high performance scalable storage and make space management easier and far more flexible.

Furthermore, this storage is readily available. It is also very fast because it is backed by high-performance flash drives.

cPanel Icon
Wordpress Icon
Magento Icon
Drupal Icon
Docker Icon
More Apps

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Hosting

What is Business Hosting? What are the benefits of Business Hosting? How many websites can a Business Hosting plan accommodate?
There is no cap on the number of websites that you can have when you are on a Business Hosting plan.
What if I need to upgrade my Business Plan?
Here at Bark Hosting, the best web hosting company in Bangladesh, upgrading your Business Hosting plan is very easy; simply a click away.
How do I get help when I need it?
If you ever run into problems, Bark Hosting customer support is not far away. Business Hosting accounts enjoy 24/7 premium support. With our live chat and quick response email service, be sure that you are never alone.
Is Business Hosting right for my business? Can I transfer my existing website to your business Hosting?
Of course you can! Simply upload your existing website files through our hosting control panel or via an FTP client. Your current web hosting provider can also provide the copy of your website upon demand. If you run into any problems, do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 support team.
Which default email service comes with Business Hosting?
Instant Deployment Worldwide

Run your infrastructure near your location. Deploy to any of our data center from 13 locations worldwide across – New York, SF, London, Amsterdam, Bangalore, and more. Bark Hosting perfect for network-heavy apps like VPN and video.

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