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Free Non-Profit Hosting for Not-For-Profit Organizations In Bangladesh

If your non-profit organization uses a website, you will require a web hosting provider. Web hosting usually comes at a high cost even though you are not making any profit. Thus, this might put you in a dilemma. This does not have to be the case. Bark Hosting offers an excellent package for non-profit organizations: FREE HOSTING! We do not want you worried about where to source for funds to pay for web hosting because such funds can be used for more productive ventures.

At Bark Hosting, we care about people. We care about the world. And we care about you. We are more than proud to support any charitable organization that improves the lives of people. As a token of appreciation for all the good things charities and non-profit organizations do to make this world a better place, we are currently offering free charity web hosting in Bangladesh. It is our own little way of giving back. In order to enjoy this great offer, we encourage all Bangladesh based charitable organizations. To avoid fraudulent entities, we need to verify that you are indeed a charitable organization here in Bangladesh. You will need to provide your Organizations’ name and valid registration number. We will then confirm with the Charities Directorate of the Bangladesh Revenue Agency. All verification is done within 24 hours.

Free Web Hosting for Non-profit Organization

Are You a Registered Charity? Would You Like Free Website Hosting for Your Charity?

No, this is not a trick or a scheme. It's just our small approach of doing something for charities who have better things to pay their money on.

As our web hosting for charities and non-profit organizations is free, it is possible that the hosting plan might not meet all of your needs. Not to worry, though, because we offer quality alternatives: at a reduced price. This alternative is a standard web hosting package with free domain registration and a recurring 15% discount on monthly hosting fees.

All these might sound too good to be true, but it’s no trick. It is real. We have a special place in our heart for charities and non-profit organizations. We know that there is no financial gain to be derived from the work you do and the funds available need to be judiciously managed and disbursed for more important things. Coughing out hundreds of dollars on website hosting might place a strain on already limited resources.

Because of this, we offer free hosting to the charities in Bangladesh. There is no hidden agenda at play here, neither are there clandestine future costs. We simply want to help and do some good.

There are a variety of modifications you can make to your website hosted on our servers. You can host a WordPress site or HTML. You will also have FTP, back end database and DNS access. Whatever you need for your website is at your fingertips. Furthermore, except you are on a plan other than the free hosting package, you will have to design your website yourself, register your name, pay for any templates, coding or other programming languages. Do not be alarmed at the enormity of the task ahead, we here and might be able to help with all of that.

Non-profit Hosting – Best Web Hosting, Support and Extras

Unlike other web hosting services, we at Bark Hosting do not compromise on our quality of service. Just because our non-profit web hosting package is free does not mean that we will reduce the quality of service. We ensure that your website runs smoothly and as efficiently as possible. You can count on us to provide for all your web hosting needs. Some of the features you will enjoy includes:

  • Tikmark Icon Unlimited Data transfer per month
  • Tikmark Icon Optimized for Non-profits NGOs
  • Tikmark Icon 24/7 technical support
  • Tikmark Icon Free Basic SSL
  • Tikmark Icon Multiple Server Locations
  • Tikmark Icon 99.99% UPTIME GUARANTEE
  • Tikmark Icon 100-500 MB Disk
  • Tikmark Icon Unlimited DB / Email / FTP
  • Tikmark Icon Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Tikmark Icon Free Web Hosting Cpanel
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Get Free Charity Web Hosting

To ensure that we only provide hosting to registered charities

100% Faster

Exclusive Web Hosting Features

At Bark Hosting, we are a cut above the rest. We offer exclusive web hosting features that are well… exclusive. Come on board and enjoy these features.


We monitor any irregularities and issues to ensure that nothing affects your website. With our services your business can run all day.

Assured Performance

Our web hosting services offer you peace of mind. We deliver high quality, assured performance that keeps your business or website running 24/7.

Protection & Backup

Our security team protects your data and guards you from security-related threats. With our web hosting plans, you do not need to worry about losing your data.

Technical Support

Our support system offers 24/7 technical support. Bark hosting support team is trained to help you resolve whatever problems you encounter.

Easy CP Management

Bark Hosting offers easy control panel (CP) management for users. Our CP is made to be utilized by all users; casual and power users alike.

Chat/Email Support

Bark Hosting offers 24/7 support to our clients. This support comes in different avenues; even live chat and email! We encouraged to contact us for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is non-profit web hosting plan? How is free hosting different from premium hosting? Is there any hidden fee?
No, there is no hidden fee. Non-profit hosting plan is absolutely free unless you decide to upgrade your plan. You do not need to pay anything.
What are the eligibility requirements?
To ensure that we only provide hosting to legitimate charities, you must be a registered non-profit organization. Our free charity hosting is provided to charities which meet our criteria outlined below. Acceptance into the program is at our sole discretion.

Our preset criteria is as follows:-

  1. The charity deals with a range of work that appeals to us.
  2. The charity has no ulterior motive - e.g. religious teachings or political leanings.
  3. The charity, or its parent/affiliated charity or charities, appears to do some actual good and does not just hoard money or spend it frivolously.
  4. The charity, or its parent/affiliated charity or charities, does not pay its staff an excessive level of remuneration
Do you offer regular support?
Of course, we do. Like all our other plans, we are prepared to help you fix any issues that can arise.
Do you put adverts on our website? How will I be able to upload files in free web hosting? How to get a free domain name and web hosting?
We cannot provide a free domain, but we can give you a free sub-domain. If you have your domain, you can also easily point it to our nameservers and use it with our free hosting service.
Can I create email accounts?
Yes, we do provide email accounts with free hosting for a non-profit plan. You can manage it from your cPanel.
Do I need a .com domain for my site? What plan is best for my Non-profit website? Can I upgrade from free hosting to premium?
Of course, you can! The process is entirely seamless. All you need to do is go to your web host control panel, select your preferred upgrade and follow the steps.
How about the performance of my site?
Your site will be hosted on a faster server which has Intel processor with full SSD storage. The server is fully optimized for website hosting. You will not face performance related issue.
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