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Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting In Bangladesh

Bark Hosting provides cheap web hosting in Bangladesh. Before you set up your website, it is vital that you have an excellent web hosting server. A web hosting service provider can mean the success or the failure of your website so always try to buy your hosting from established hosting provider as like Bark Hosting. A website hosting service is an internet hosting service that allows you to host your website or page on the Internet by providing the necessary tools and technologies. If you do not have a web hosting service, nobody can see your online content.

The web host serves as a repository for the pages of a website and upon demand, makes these pages available for viewing on different computers. The domain name, for example, "bark hosting.com" is linked to an IP address. When a web page is requested from a computer, the IP location of the computer is logged, and the web page is sent to that location. Web hosting in Bangladesh is often expensive, but Bark Hosting provides great, premium services at a reasonable price.

Cheap Web Hosting Service at Bark Hosting

Plan Comparison:

Web Hosting

At Bark Hosting, we provide you with great plans and packages that suit your every need. Our web hosting service promotes your business and takes it to the next level so it can succeed.

Package Name
Use Case
99/month (199)
Just Get Started
Buy Now
199/month (399)
Perfect For Portfolio, Website
Buy Now
399/month (699)
Perfect For Work, Business Starter
Buy Now
Disk Space 3 GB 5 GB 15 GB
NVMe SSD Drive
FREE SSL Certificate
cPanel Pro / Plesk – Genuine (!!!)
Traffic / Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Addon Domains 3 Unlimited
Park Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Backup Retention
Retention Cycle Daily, Weekly & Monthly Daily, Weekly & Monthly Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Backup - Daily (Last) 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days
Backup - Weekly (Last) 4 Weeks 4 Weeks 4 Weeks
Backup - Monthly (Last) 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
FREE Domain
DDoS Protection
Owned DNS Servers
Local Support
Physical Support
Easy Transfer Out
Self-Transfer Out
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Default Address
Auto Responders
Forwarders / Aliases
POP3 Access
IMAP Access
Calendars & Contacts
Email DiskUsage
Box Trapper
Grey Listing
Anti-Spam Protection
Virus Protection
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Master Admin Account
User Account
Login Message
Manage Sessions
MySQL Database Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Pro – Genuine (!!!)
1 Click Installer (413+ Scripts)
Cloudflare CDN
Hotlink Protection
Index Manager
IP Blocker
Password Protected Directories
Leech Protection
Disk Usage Viewer
File Manager
Two-Factor Authentication
Account Preferences
Change Style (Theme)
Multiple PHP Versions
MultiPHP INI Editor (Per Domain)
Perl / TCL / SSI / ROR / CGI
GD Library
IonCube / Zend Optimizer / xCache
SSH Access On Demand
Mime Types
DNS Zone Editor
Cron Jobs
Track DNS
Virus Scanner
AwStats Stats
Latest Visitors Stats
Bandwidth Analysis
Error Log
Raw Access
Buy This Plan Buy This Plan Buy This Plan

Get The Best Web Hosting Plans From No. 1 Web Hosting Company In Bangladesh

If you've been searching for the best web hosting service in Bangladesh,Then you are in the right place. Bark Hosting currently provides impressive web hosting for thousands of reputed companies and personal websites in Bangladesh. We provide you with the necessary tools, technologies, and services to enhance your brand or website. Our shared hosting plans are some of the best web hosting plans in Bangladesh. These plans are scalable and feature-rich. Moreover, despite the impressive quality of service we provide, our web hosting plans are affordable. Our basic package gets you features like CPanel, SSD disk storage, SSL certificates and a host of other benefits.

We also provide unlimited website resources along with 413+ one-click apps. We offer excellent round-the-clock support via email and live chat. Thus, even when you are transferring your data from another hosting service to our web hosting service, no data is lost. And when your website expands and outgrows your current plan, we have excellent web hosting upgrading facilities.

Benefit of Using Web Hosting Service at Bark Hosting

Some of the benefits and advantages which Bark Hosting offers our clients include :

  • Tikmark Icon Supremely affordable prices.
  • Tikmark Icon Easy for beginners to learn and manage
  • Tikmark Icon Outstanding technical support
  • Tikmark Icon Tons of free add-on services
  • Tikmark Icon High reliability and uptime
  • Tikmark Icon Automatic and scalable resource allocation

Web Hosting Service at Bark Hosting in Bangladesh
SSD Cloud Server

Get Excellent Web Hosting

Our packages start from TK50/Month

Official cPanel

What Are Included With Web Hosting Services?

Have you on board - you will be offered our newness features. All our Web hosting Plans include the following features. We at Bark Hosting consitently work very hard to give you the best experience possible in the field of Technology specially in Bangladesh.


We monitor any irregularities and issues to ensure that nothing affects your website. With our services your business can run all day.

Assured Performance

Our web hosting services offer you peace of mind. We deliver high quality, assured performance that keeps your business or website running 24/7.

Protection & Backup

Our security team protects your data and guards you from security-related threats. With our web hosting plans, you do not need to worry about losing your data.

Technical Support

Our support system offers 24/7 technical support. Bark hosting support team is trained to help you resolve whatever problems you encounter.

Easy CP Management

Bark Hosting offers easy control panel (CP) management for users. Our CP is made to be utilized by all users; casual and power users alike.

Chat/Email Support

Bark Hosting offers 24/7 support to our clients. This support comes in different avenues; even live chat and email! We encouraged to contact us for help.

Free Web Hosting Migration

Many businesses are scared to change bad web hosting services because they fear they will lose data and domain names. We understand how you feel. Hence we assure you that our web hosting service will provide you with all the help you need before, during and after your migration. And rest assured, we will transfer your domain name too, so you don't lose customers.

how to use barkhosting ssd cloud server

cPanel Pro Account Management

barkhosting web development solution

cPanel® provides a graphical web-based interface to help you perform website maintenance yourself. You can create your email or your own hosted website using your control panel.

  • File Manager
  • phpMyAdmin
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • E-Mail Account Management
  • PHP Version Manager
  • DNS Zone Editor
  • WordPress Installer
  • Backup & Restore Tool
Web Development Service

413+ One-Click Apps

Our Website hosting plans offers you the ability to install, create, port and run applications and game servers with a single click. Bark Hosting technology allows you to high performance scalable storage and make space management easier and far more flexible.

Furthermore, this storage is readily available. It is also very fast because it is backed by high-performance flash drives.

cPanel Icon
Wordpress Icon
Magento Icon
Drupal Icon
Docker Icon
More Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Hosting? How do I get started with Web Hosting? Where is our web hosting server located?
As we are one of the best and most reliable web hosting providers in Bangladesh, our web hosting server is located in 17 locations worldwide.
Can I transfer my existing website to your web hosting?
Yes, you can!. In fact, we encourage you to. To this end, we have the latest and most powerful technologies to make sure that you lose NONE of your data. We provide support every step of the way, so this can be done successfully. Our team is made up of certified and experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring your transfer is as seamless as possible.
How do I know which web hosting provider is best for me?
The best web hosting provider is one that can meet your needs. Your needs depend on the type of website you wish. Some of the common factors you ought to consider are: 1. Storage and Bandwidth Storage will be essential if your website has a lot of inventory or loads of high-res images. Bandwidth will determine the speed of loading your website and its pages. 2. Security You need to also look out for this factor. Your web hosting provider must have at least SSL encryption and backup. For power users, features like DDoS protection are essential. 3. Support Your web hosting provider must be readily available to help with any problems you might encounter.
Luckily, Bark Hosting meets the criteria above and more.
Why do professional web hosting services come at a cost? Can I buy web hosting without a domain name? What if I need more advanced hosting for my website?
That is great. This likely means your site is expanding and requires more features. Well, Bark Hosting has plans and protocols in place for such an occurrence. It is easy to upgrade your plan on Bark Hosting without fear of losing any data. We have excellent web hosting upgrading facilities.
Instant Deployment Worldwide

Run your infrastructure near your location. Deploy to any of our data center from 13 locations worldwide across – New York, SF, London, Amsterdam, Bangalore, and more. Bark Hosting perfect for network-heavy apps like VPN and video.

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