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Web Design

When it comes to looking for web design for your company you need to know what you are getting and what makes that company the right one for you. Your website speaks volumes about your company. Having one is a special moment that needs to be treated with the respect that your company deserves. Having a website that screams a nephew designed this site. Good luck finding anything is world apart from a professional business that has a website that flows well.

Web Design Service

Why do I need a website for my company?

A website is your way to not only interact with existing customers, but to attract new ones. Customers are searching online daily to not only research where they intend to find a connection with a business or brand. Think about how you are getting your clients without a website. As a business to show your performance in front of the customers, you must be a website. Websites don’t just allow your potential customers to interact with you but also establish authority for your business.

Whats included with your web design service?

  • User Friendly UI
  • Think for Better UX
  • Smooth, Peaceful & Fresh Look
  • Create Branding Impact
  • Static / Dynamic as Required
  • Use of New Technology

We offer a variety of features for your business based on your company’s needs. Our focus will be on the call to action on the main page of the website. Each website has a specific goal. Whatever the needs for your website are, we can assure it definitely. If you specifically requests or have an idea about what you are wanting, please let us know.

What is the cost of Web Designing?

No business is the same and therefore the needs of every business are just as unique. A handyman that needs a website designed to showcase his latest remodels is going to be very different than the national insurance company that needs an ongoing web presence and offers several different plans. For this reason there is no one size fits all sort of price. No one website looks the same either. I think you can see how it would be impossible to have a one size fits all package. We base our price on what you want to achieve and what features are needed in the web design to get your business there. But we can give you an estimation about initial cost is about BDT 10,000/=.

Do you offer maintenance service?

We do offer maintenance service because your business needs may change over time. Imagine you might start out a local business serving a small area and may decide to expand. You might be a national brand and the CEO of your company changes; therefore you need new picture additional spaces of the CEO on your website. You need for your website are frequently altering, as the necessity of your business. Barkhosting.com provides you this maintenance service at the time of your business necessity.

Do you need a suggestions or quote about your project?

You can ask to one of our experts to assist you whats best fit your business or for any customized service.

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