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High Performance Dedicated Cloud Server With 99.9% Uptime

SSD Dedicated Cloud meets the functions of advanced applications that can exploit the higher clock speeds. The Dedicated CPU Servers incorporate simple versatility, load adjusting, and fast sending provisioning.The customers get their very own cloud occasions with devoted CPU, SSD drives, and RAM. Additionally, there is another degree of versatility that was already conceivable just in the virtual cloud. All customers can at present depend on committed server execution.

The Dedicated CPU Servers are advanced to convey a proportional parity of memory, dedicated CPU, and SSD stockpiling assets. They're perfect for outstanding burdens extending from web applications and databases to bigger applications that have higher memory storage and still request unsurprising CPU execution. The hidden CPU assets for these servers are committed and imparted to nobody else. Dedicated CPU strings are connected only to centers on the hypervisor, so there is no sharing

SSD Dedicated Server

Most Popular Plans:

Dedicated Cloud

Get your business to the next level with our stable, fast and secure Dedicated Cloud Server. You just focus on growing your business while we keep it running. We commit our best within the scope.


Starting from

  • 8 GB

  • 2 CPU

  • 120 GB

  • 10 TB BW


Starting from

  • 16 GB

  • 4 CPU

  • 220 GB

  • 20 TB BW


Starting from

  • 24 GB

  • 6 CPU

  • 360 GB

  • 30 TB BW


Starting from

  • 32 GB

  • 8 CPU

  • 480 GB

  • 40 TB BW


  • High performance architecture
  • Dedicated Cloud Instances
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Worldwide Datacenter
  • 100% Pure SSD Drive
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Flexible Networking
  • 20+ App Installation

What Is Cloud Dedicated Server?

A committed server is a PC that is saved for a particular assignment, for example, facilitating an asset escalated application or site. Committed servers can take a few structures. With a dedicated cloud server, the server is a PC that is held expressly on a system for your application or site.

For web hosting companies the standard hosting, or if nothing else the least evaluated alternative, is as cloud hosting. At the point when your organization picks an open cloud supplier, your application and site may live on one or numerous PCs and use distributed computing.

In common hosting, your site or application is competing for assets with an obscure number of other programming applications. This makes a potential circumstance recorded above where you begin to experience moderate down from another person. These extra programming applications and sites may utilize assets that your applications or site needs.

When talking about dedicated cloud server with hosting, the specialist organization puts aside one server (or a solitary machine) to deal with the remaining burden the site or application requires. Dedicated servers give you access to your own one of a kind private cloud and give you the adaptability of cloud hosting however with the additional security and speed of your own asset focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSD dedicated cloud server? How secure is SSD dedicated cloud server? What makes SSD dedicated cloud server a better option?
Ans-Your SSD dedicated server will be hosted in 100% Enterprise-Class Environment which is exceptionally Secure with Guaranteed Robust Service Delivery.
Can I upgrade the dedicated server resources?
Ans-Yes, you are able to upgrade your server resources at any time. All your data will remain unaffected during the upgrade process.
What is the managed server that you offer? Can I access the SSD dedicated server through RDP?
Ans-Yes, you will be having RDP access to your server so that you can manage it as per your requirement.
Can I install custom software or application in the server?
Ans- Yes, you can install any custom software or applications in the server.
SSD Dedicated Cloud

Get Excellent SSD Dedicated Cloud

For packages starting from 6600 TK/mo

100% Faster

Deploy Seamlessly Globally

Bark Hosting's Cloud Servers are available in 4 Locations Worldwide, spanning Silicon Valley, Chicago, New Jersey, Tokyo. And best of all, getting your hosting infrastructure closer to your customer base does not require any long term contracts. So, what are you waiting for? Deploy servers on 2 continents with just a few clicks!

Silicon Valley
New Jersey

Essential Features and advantages of Dedicated Cloud

Get on board to enjoy our latest features. All our SSD Cloud Hosting plans include the following features. At Bark Hosting, we consistently work very hard to provide you with the best tech experience in Bangladesh.

Hardware Decisions

As committed servers can be costly, consistently search for a hosting supplier that offers a lot of hardware choices. Along these lines, you get a hardware arrangement that has the limit and execution capacities you require, without paying for something that is unmistakably more dominant than you need.

In a perfect world, you ought to have a scope of alternatives over the CPU model, the number of centers and speed, the size of RAM, the sort of RAM (e.g., DDR3 or DDR4), hard plate limit, hard circle type (HDD or SSD), data transmission and RAID.

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barkhosting networks connectivity

High Accessibility

When your server runs basic applications, you can't manage the cost of for it to go disconnected. The outcomes could be terrible. This is the reason it is fundamental that you pick a host that can ensure high accessibility – i.e., that your server will remain online for 99.95% of the time or higher.

barkhosting networks connectivity
Server Setup

It's not simply the decision of operating system that is significant. Another key feature is the capacity to have all-out command over your server with the goal that you can design it to address your issues. You may, for instance, need full root SSH/RDP root get to.

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Linux OS
Flexible Operating System and Choices

One of the variables in picking a dedicated hosting arrangement is the opportunity to have your very own decision of operating system. The applications you require for your business may require a particular sort of operating system, for example, a Windows Server OS or one of the distinctive Linux dissemination. In certain conditions, the product you run may just be good with a heritage OS rendition. We ensure you to run the OS you need.

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Linux OS
Install Our Apps

Deploy popular applications and game servers on our high performance cloud servers with a single click. We offer a wide range of applications to cover all your needs such as cPanel, Docker, Drupal, GitLab, Joomla, LAMP, LEMP, Magento, Mediawiki, Minecraft, Nextcloud, OpenVPN, ownCloud, Plesk Onyx, PrestaShop, Webmin, WordPress but also a wide range of tools to make your life easier. In a single click to restart, reboot, reinstall, view the console, and more.

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More Apps
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Turbo-boosted Performance

Latest generation Intel CPUs guarantee consistent performance. Server applications demand low latency memory with blazing fast read/write performance and the Skylake Cloud Compute refresh improves on our already high performance standards. The performance-focused High Frequency Compute lineup further increases the Bark Hosting speed advantage.. Our newest High Frequency Compute plans guarantee 3+GHz CPUs and take benchmarks to the next level!

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Security Prospects

In the event when your server is hacked, your IT activities get disconnected and your organization put at a stop. Other than that there can be an information break, there's likewise the danger of enormous fines, reputational harm and client lawful activity. This is the reason 60% of hacked organizations leave business inside a half year.

In light of this, security should be the most important factor when picking a dedicated hosting provider. You ought to consider everything from the area and physical security of the data center to the scope of security includes your host gives as a major aspect of your bundle and as extra benefits.You should search for an outstanding firewall, web application security, DDoS insurance, and malware and infection aversion. Other then that it should also give SSL endorsements, dedicated IP locations and spam sifting.

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Server Management
Server Management

Redistributing server the board to your specialist organization not just makes things simpler; it could likewise spare you essentially over the long haul. This administration will incorporate such things as OS refreshes, fixing, application establishment and server observing. Server observing continually checks the soundness of your server and its presentation to guarantee it stays in top condition.

Server Management
Five-star IT Support

There might be times when your IT group needs your specialized help to complete an assignment or to investigate an issue. This help should be a comprehensive piece of your agreement with the provider. And significantly, be accessible every minute of every day by telephone, email, live visit or ticket. All things considered, if your dedicated cloud server goes disconnected on Friday night. You would prefer not to hold up until Monday before it gets fixed.

Specialized help contrasts completely from client assistance. By specialized, we mean having a pro IT group accessible that can give arrangements at the purpose of contact. Who will have the essential aptitude and be effectively ready to manage any issue?Beside individual to individual help, a great facilitating provider will likewise distribute a scope of accommodating on the online assets for their clients. For example, information bases, instructional exercises, specialized discussions, and 'how-to' blog entries.

Five-star IT Support
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